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Our Programs

Every year, our students go on to win major accolades globally and are placed in some of the most prestigious Design agencies and Computer Graphics production studios in the world.
Our award-winning diploma courses put you in a good place to kickstart your career in the media and entertainment industry.


Our Diploma Advantage

Learn from Professionals

Our courses are taught by world class mentors,
who are still practicing their craft professionally.

SGD$19,600 Course Subsidy

Eligible Singaporeans and Permanent Residents will
be entitled to the Singapore Government WSQ Subsidy.

Start from Fundamentals

Worried that you don't have a relevant background
in this field? We start you off from ground zero fundamentals

Global Degree Pathway

Our courses are academically articulated 
to some of the best universities in the world.

Shaping Visions

Think you haven't got what it takes? Think again! Our alumni like you, started off as noobs before going on to help shape the visions of Film Directors
such as JJ Abrams, Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton and Games such as Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid and Gears of War

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Alumni Track Record




Left & Top: Alumni Stanley Wong (left), Janice Tan and Senn ye (top), at the academy awards and annual VES awards!

Since 2003, 3dsense has built a strong reputation for providing real-world education in computer graphics.
Our graduate placement rate of 88% means that we are consistently producing skilled creative talent for the media industry.

Awards Nominations
Over the years, many of our alumni has been working on projects that had won or nominated for academy awards. They have helped realised the vision of movies and games in the world of media and entertainment.

Companies hiring our graduates


Over the past 12 years, our alumni have worked on some of the world's biggest media and entertainment productions, from Oscar-winning feature films to AAA games.
Through hard work and diligence, many of them have achieved their dreams and now work in top studios around the globe.


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Learn from Industry Leaders

At 3dsense Media School, you will only study under some of best designers and artists in the world. These mentors brings with them years of industry experiences and you will understand their
working philosophies, thought processes and  their craft.

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Student Works

Here are some selected student works. If you would like to see more, visit our gallery link on the menu up top!

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Our Student Films

Our student films have made it to the official selection of some of most prestigious film festivals globally, including Oscar qualifying competitions.
Many of them go on to win top accolades and distinctions around the world; such recognitions are testaments to the hardwork of our festival scholars and our veteran mentors.
Here are some select festivals our students has been in official selections.


Original Video Series

Want to learn expert tips and tricks for your workflow? Or simply want to hear advice from industry leading experts about how the industry works? 3dsense Original Series, Behind the Pixels brings together global animation and design luminaries to share their techniques, talk about their perspectives and philosophies, and what matters most to someone looking to break into the industry!