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Our unique teaching pedagogy, depends on 3 essential ingredients Passion . Focus and Drive

" We have been constantly impressed by the high standard of the many graduates that we have hired from 3dsense Media School, and we look forward to growing and developing this relationship. "

Dayne Cowan

Vice President / VHQ

Our Teaching Approach
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Our courses and curriculum may see constant updates and refinements, but our core teaching philosophy has not changed since our founding in 2003.

pedo6Industry Immersion Curriculum

Staying connected with the industry is vital to being current with the trends and development of the real world. This also means, our students are accessing the latest techniques, in both software , hardware and process; as well as following the rules of the industry when it comes to film, games or any forms of media productions.

Students at the Center

Every individual is unique and every class has different pace of progress, life as a student could therefore be pressurizing in 3dsense. However the passionate class spirit coupled with caring lecturers and student care team will definitely allow students to progress effectively here at school.

Smaller Class Size

Our small class size of 25 students, makes up for the attention individual students needs; often lacking in major institutions. In some of our courses, their course specialisation makes up for an even more intimate class size with the mentors.


The school understand education in our intense environment is tough, that is why we handhold the students throughout their study with us. Having industry reviews from time to time by industry veterans are valuable milestones within their learning process as it inspires the students as well as have them understand the challenges they are facing is not unique to them. More importantly reviews serves as a time for students to correct their mistakes and move on progressively in their learning journey.

World class mentors.

The mentors are seen more as senior supervisors colleagues, rather than the conventional student to teacher relationship. Our mentors here are revered for their craft and their accomplishments in the real world industry and so students naturally take what they say very seriously, effecting major changes in their workflow, mindset and even lifestyle. One that would allow them to achieve success in various aspects of their life.

pedo5Industry OUTREACH

Every term the school would invite industry studios for our students to pitch their works and skills to them. These companies offers a  real world perspective on our students works and their readiness for the industry; and even potentially get hired.