3dsense Media School Pte Ltd is incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap 50)  (Company No: 200405777C) and our full-time Diploma programmes are registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE). The school is committed to ensuring that all the 3dsense publicity and communication materials pertaining to the school and its courses are constantly updated to reflect accurate information. This assurance also includes the consistency of information across all marketing and publicity channels.



All personal data and information submitted shall be kept strictly confidential. The School undertakes not to divulge any of your personal information to any unauthorized third party without your prior written consent. View our Data Protection Policy.



3dsense Media School is committed to providing equal opportunity for all, without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age or disability.



Applicants will be notified of the interview date and time (for Local Students) or phone interview date and time (for International Students) within 2 weeks upon receiving a complete Application Package and the Application Fee of SGD 216.00 (inclusive of 8% GST). On acceptance, a student contract and further instructions will be issued. 

A student’s place in the class cannot be assured until the Student Contract is signed and the 1st instalment is paid. Applicants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until the classes are filled. The availability of space can change rapidly.

Students will be offered a place in the next available intake if they have been accepted but there are no available seats/place left in the current intake.



3dsense Media School has in place a Group Medical Insurance Scheme (under Income Insurance) for all International Students. It is the school's policy for all International (STP) students to purchase this medical insurance scheme. View Benefits Schedule.



The School has in place a Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) to ensure that fees paid by students to the school are insured by CPE-endorsed LonPac Insurance.

The insurance protection serves to protect the students’ fees in the event a private education institution (PEI) is unable to continue operations under the following conditions:

  1. in the event that the school is not able to continue operations due to insolvency and/or regulatory closure;
  2. if the school fails to pay penalties or return fees to the student arising from judgments made by the Singapore courts;
  3. in the event of death or total permanent disability of the student.

    Local students at 3dsense who receive at least 70% of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)’s funding are exempt from this insurance scheme.



    This industry immersion course allows students to develop their skills progressively. As such, the school adopt a Summative Assessment Method for all course subjects taught during the course.

      • The assessments come in the form of Projects/Assignments that student will have to complete and submit for grading.
      • It is mandatory that all projects/assignments are completed and submitted on time.
      • All projects/assignments will be graded and student may fail the module if they do not submit the projects/assignments.
      • All the requirements of the projects/assignments will be metted out by industry lecturer for this course.


    The lecturer or facilitator will perform 2 types of instructional strategies:

    a. Direct Instruction eg. methods such as lectures and live in class demonstrations.
    b. Indirect Instruction eg. one to one or one to many critiques to monitor progress.



    All students are to pass all their core modules as well as specialisation modules during the course of the 12 months fulltime diploma programme. At the end of the program, students will undergo a final assessment by an ACTA Certified Assessor. The assessment will require candidates to show and present projects, assignments as well as oral questioning and practical demonstration where neccesary, as legitimate evidence sources to prove their competency in the relevant specialisation/modules.

    Candidates who meet the requirements will be awarded the Diploma qualification.



    A transfer is defined as changing to another course of study in the School by a student who has yet to commence or has already commenced the course with the school. Transfer is allowed provided the transfer request form is submitted before the course commences or within 14 days after the original course has commenced. The student must select a different course which commences not more than 8 months from the commencement date of the original course. For students below 18, the parent/guardian's approval for transfer is required. The original contract will be terminated and a new contract will need to be signed for the new course. Students are allowed to submit a request for transfer once only.

    The new course fees will be pegged to the respective new course of transfer. Any funds for the original course already paid to the school will be transferred to the new course. Any balance must be topped up. However, any excess will not be refunded.



    A deferment is defined as changing to another time schedule of the same course by a student who has yet to commence the course with the school or has already commenced the course with the school. Deferment is allowed provided the deferment request form is submitted within 8 months after the course commencement date, and subject to availability of seats in the selected future intake. The student must select a future intake which commences not more than 12 months from the date of deferment. For students below 18, the parent/guardian's approval for deferment is required. The original contract will be terminated and a new contract will need to be signed for the next course intake.

    Any funds for the original course already paid to the school will be transferred to the next intake that the student joins. Students are allowed to submit a request for deferment once only.



    A withdrawal is defined as the termination of the contract for the course, following which he or she is no longer a student of the school.

    a) Refund for Withdrawal Due to Non-Delivery of Course:

    The Student is entitled to immediately withdraw from the Course by giving written notice to the school of his/her intention to do so if the school is in breach of any of its obligations under the Student Contract or fails to perform the following obligation(s):
    (i) It does not commence the Course on the Course Commencement Date;
    (ii) It terminates the Course before the Course Commencement Date;
    (iii) It does not complete the Course by the Course Completion Date;
    (iv) It terminates the Course before the Course Completion Date;
    (v) It has not ensured that the Student meets the course entry requirements;
    (vi) The Student’s Pass application is rejected by Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA);

    The student will be informed in writing of alternative study arrangements (if any), and also be entitled to a refund of the entire Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fees already paid should the Student decide to withdraw, within seven (7) working days of the above notice.

    b) Refund for Withdrawal Due to Other Reasons:

    If the Student withdraws from the Course for any reason other than those stated above, the PEI will, within seven (7) working days of receiving the Student’s written notice of withdrawal, refund to the Student an amount based on the table in Schedule D. (less any applicable bank administrative charges properly paid/payable for the Fee Protection Scheme):



    % of amount of fees paid under Schedule B & C of Student Contract]

    If Student’s written notice of withdrawal is received


    ("Maximum Refund") More than [180] days before the Course Commencement Date


    More than [90] days before the Course Commencement Date


    Less than or equal to [90] days before the Course Commencement Date

    [No Refund]

    After the Course Commencement Date


    c) Refund for Withdrawal during Cooling Off Period:

    As per student's contract, the school has provided a cooling-off period of seven [7] working days after signing the Student Contract. Within these [7] days and regardless whether the Course Commencement Date has passed, the Student can submit written notice of withdrawal to the school and receive the "Maximum Refund" (30%) of course fees paid.



    All requests for transfer/deferment/withdrawal must be made through the Transfer/Withdrawal/Deferment Form. The Transfer/Withdrawal/Deferment Form can be downloaded from the 3dsense Student Portal or obtained from the Front Desk. The student must submit the completed form along with a parent/guardian's letter of consent (for students below 18), his/her student pass and passport copy (for international students). The school will only process the transfer / deferment application provided the stated policy for transfer / deferment is met.

    Upon receipt of the full documentation and student's completed request form, the Student Affairs officer will counsel the student accordingly to resolve the issue leading to the student's intention to transfer / withdraw / defer.

    Student will be notified on the outcome of request within 7 working days from the request submission date. To effect the request, the school will proceed with the following:  

    i. Terminate the current contract. For transfer and withdrawal cases, the signing of a new course contract will be initiated.

    ii. The FPS insurance will be updated within 3 days and will take the necessary action(s) or refund to the student if there is any balance of payment in the student’s account.

    iii. [For international students only] Cancel the student's student pass. For transfer & deferment cases, the school will reapply for the student pass for the new course or intake. 3dsense Media School will not be responsible for the failure to renew their student pass.



    The school's refund procedures are aligned to covers the refund policy for the respective refund cases through the following steps:

    Refund procedure for Withdrawal Due to Non-Delivery of Course: 

    Upon receiving the withdrawal request from student, the school will process the refund within 7 working days. For short course, after it is confirmed the course will not run, the school will refund to the student within 7 days whole of the fee paid.

    Refund procedure for Withdrawal Due to Other Reasons:

    i. Upon approval by the school of the withdrawal and refund request (based on Schedule D of student contract) ,the school will look into the student’s eligibility for a refund, and calculate the refund amount. The school will ensure that any refund to the student is executed accordingly within 7 working days.

    Refund procedure for Transfer and Deferment:

    Upon approval by the school of the transfer or deferment, the school will update the insurance detail for the student.



    At the final assessment, students are graded as either Competent (C) or Not Yet Competent (NYC), as per the Singapore Workforce Development Agency WSQ framework. The following assessment modes are used determine the final assessment result:

    i. Assignments: These are individual assignments and form the bulk of the learning
    ii. Project Work: Students also do group assignments (eg. Short Film, World Design) and the students are assessed based on their individual contribution to the project
    iii. Oral Questioning: This is used as a verification check, to make sure that the assignments have been done by the student themselves and that the student is indeed able to execute the assignments that he/she has submitted

    There is no assessment weighting for WSQ courses.



    3dsense Media School Pte Ltd reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue tuition, fees, the calendar, course offerings, majors, graduation requirements, rules, policies, and procedures as it deems necessary or appropriate. Students will be provided with written notice of these changes whenever possible through means such as posted notices or the Student Handbook. No exceptions may be made to any of the academic or academic-related policies or procedures without prior written authorization by the Director of the School. No representation by any School employee to the contrary may be considered authorized or binding.



    The school welcomes and values all feedback, comments, suggestions and complaints from the public, staff or students. The school will investigate the feedback and target to resolve the feedback within 21 working days upon receiving the feedback.

    Feedback may be submitted to the school through the following avenues:

    Tel:            +65 6224 9455 
    Fax:           +65 6225 9775
    Email:        enquiries@3dsense.net



    On disputes and grievances with the school, students may submit a Grievance Form available on the Student Portal or front desk to the school. A meeting and/or official response shall be made within 3 working days and the school will attempt to resolve the issue within 21 working days.



    At 3dsense Media School, if students face any matters that require counselling or advice; i.e pastoral counselling, students may contact the school directly and request for a session with the Counselling Officer.

    Website Declaration

    3dsense Media School is registered with the Committee for Private Education, SkillsFuture Singapore, a statutory board under the Ministry of Education. Since establishment in 2003. the school strives to deliver innovative and high-quality education to ensure that students are armed with the essential competencies to excel in the challenging Digital Media and Entertainment Industry. The school is also committed to safeguarding the welfare of our students so that they can devote full attention to their studies. 3dsense adopts the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) to protect the fees paid by our students. 3dsense has established an FPS Insurance scheme with Lonpac Insurance Ltd. It is our standard operating procedure to enter into a student contract with the student prior to enrolment. All potential students will undergo pre-course counseling prior to signing the student contract. This policy is communicated to the student through our various communication channels.We inevitably support transparency guidelines and policies with regards to fairness in all dealings with our students' matters. As such, we have in place a Student Services Policy that states our service quality philosophy, service guarantees, refund policies, transfer, deferment and withdrawal policies, course enrolment information, confidentiality policy on student data, grievances policy and feedback mechanism. The maximum student-to-instructor ratio for any lesson is 25:1.

    Vision, Mission & Values


    To be a premier school with graduates in every major media production studio around the world.


    To provide the highest-quality education in computer graphics, digital arts and design so as to nurture talent for the global digital media industry.

    Core Values:

    Leadership: We set the standards for the digital media industry. We lead, rather than follow.

    Integrity: We apply the highest standards of honesty, ethics and integrity in all aspects of our daily operations.

    Teamwork: We engage and motivate one another as we work together our common goals.


    Equipment & Facilities

    - 15 fully furnished studios that can accommodate from 7 to 25 students each

    - 1 multi-purpose hall/seminar room for events, talks, briefings and VFX green screen recordings

    - Workstation Desktop PCs: 378

    - Render Farm Machines: 6

    - Green screen for VFX teaching support: 1

    - HD Video camera for VFX teaching support: 2

    - Lighting stands: 5

    - Virtual Reality Headsets: 15

    - Webcams: 19

    - Motion Capture Suit: 1


    Academic Board Members

    Dr. Christopher Chia 

    Academic Board Member / Independent Non-Executive Director

    Education: MSc. and PhD in Computation, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology

    Dr Christopher Chia, Head of the Academic Board, holds the position of Senior Advisor, NTUC where he advises the Secretary-General on new media strategies. Since November 2011, he also took on the Executive Chairmanship of NTUC Media. Prior to this, he was the Chief Executive of the Media Development Authority (MDA), former Chief Executive of the National Library Board (NLB), former director of the Information Technology Institute (ITI), and founder of the Information Communication Institute of Singapore. He was instrumental in transforming the library system in Singapore, including the introduction of a digital, networked and borderless library system using cutting-edge technology. NLB bagged the Innovative Organisation of the Year award in 2001. Dr Chia is also a senior corporate advisor/director to private/public sector organisations in transformation management, ICT applications and strategic relations.


    Dr. Leong Horn Kee

    Executive Chairman

    Education: B.Eng Production Engineering (Hons) (Loughborough University)Master in Business Administration (INSEAD)B.Eng Economics (University of London)B. Eng Chinese Language and Literature (Beijing Normal University)Master in Business Research from (University of Western Australia).

    Our Executive Chairman, Leong Horn Kee, is currently Singapore's Non-Resident Ambassador to Mexico. He has been active in the Public Sector throughout his career. He was a Member of Parliament for over 22 years, and served as Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Finance, Trade and Industry from 1996 to 2004, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee from 2004 to 2006 and a member of the Securities Industry Council since January 2008.Besides his contributions to the Public Sector, Mr Leong also has a distinguished career in the Private Sector. Some of his notable appointments include: Orchard Parade Holdings Ltd (Managing Director); Yeo Hiap Seng Ltd (CEO/Managing Director); Far East Organization (CEO/Managing Director); and N.M. Rothschild & Sons (S) Ltd (Director and Head, Corporate Finance)A Colombo Plan and a French Post-graduate scholar, Mr Leong is passionate about education. He graduated with a Bachelor of Technology (First Class Honours) degree from Loughborough University of Technology, and he holds an MBA from INSEAD, France. He also holds a degree (Honours) in Economics from the University of London, UK; a degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Beijing Normal University, China; and a Master in Business Research from University of Western Australia.


    Mr. Sen Lai


    Education: B.App.Sc (Computer Engineering)(Nanyang Technological University)

    Graduating with a Computer Engineering Degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Sen's career so far had been with the creative industries. Sen had spent almost 2 years living and working in USA and Canada with various animation and games studios. He returned to Singapore, assuming the role as a Animation Research Engineer at the Center for Graphics and Imaging Technology at NTU in 2002.After a year there, he left and founded 3dsense. 3dsense was ranked Top 10 CG school in the world since inception for 2007/2008(source: 3Dworld mag). Subsequently in 2006, he also co-founded CGOverdrive with Justin, one of Asia's premier computer graphics event and is serving this annual event as the conference chairman. In 2009, he co-founded FZD School of Entertainment with Feng Zhu, Mihwa and Justin. At 3dsense Media School, Sen is charged with overseeing the major operations, charting the directions of the company, most notably in the area of company growth, academic development and new programme initiatives.


    Mr. Justin Chua

    Director/Deputy CEO

    Education: B.Bus (Hons) (Nanyang Technological University)

    Justin graduated from the Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University NTU, with a Bachelor in Business Studies (Hons) degree. He has, since graduation, been working in the marketing field, undertaking varied roles from sales to marketing research to public relations and event organisation.His passion for technology and business inspired him to join 3dsense Media School, where he is tasked with overseeing the administration, finance and marketing core functions of the school. Apart from managing the school, Justin is also the Marketing Chair for Asia’s Largest CG event, CG Overdrive, an event he co-founded with Mr. Lai Kok Sen in 2006. In 2009, he co-founded FZD School of Entertainment Design with Feng Zhu, Mihwa and Kok Sen.


    Academic Board responsibilities

    ii. Set selection criteria and minimum qualifications required for every job function before recruitment

    iii. Approve the deployment of academic staff and

    iv. Approve shortlisted full-time and part-time academic staff before recruitment

    v. Approve the outcomes of all course designs and developments, including any refinement made due to the review process

    vi. Provide feedback to the management regarding any adoption of courses which are designed and developed by external organisations vii. Stipulate the optimum instructor-student ratio for every course and the mode of delivery (lecture, tutorial, practical etc)

    viii. Academic board approves outcomes and recommendations (if any) following the curriculum review by the management.

    The curriculum review process typically involves the following:

    - Refine and update curriculum base and feedback by stakeholders of programme;

    - Endorse any other curriculum developed by 3dsense;

    - Craft clearly defined and measurable course learning outcomes;

    - Set course admission requirements and ensure course content has full coverage and is up to date;

    - Ensure the quality of the courses meet industry standards and industry demands;

    - Ensure stringent selection and interview procedures for the admission of students;

    - Monitors the academic performances, graduation rate and employment rate of the students and use the collected data to review its processes continually.


    Examination Board Members

    Dr. Steve Lai Mun Fook

    Examination Board Member / Independent Non-Executive Director

    Education: B.Sc (Hons) in Industrial Chemistry (Loughborough University)PhD in Organic Chemistry (Loughborough University)

    Dr. Lai Mun Fook (Steve) is Non-Executive Independent Director of Yongmao Holdings Ltd since 28 December 2007. From November 2007 to August 2012, Dr Lai was the Chief Executive Officer of PSB Academy Pte Ltd. Dr Lai was previously the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of TUV SUD PSB Corporation and PSB Corporation Pte Ltd from April 2006 to March 2007 and from April 2001 to March 2006, respectively. From April 1996 to March 1998, Dr Lai was the General Manager (Standards & Technology) of Singapore Productivity & Standards Board. Dr Lai holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Industrial Chemistry and a PhD from the Loughborough University of Technology, United Kingdom. 


    Mr. Lum Tain Fore

    Education: B.Sc Naval Architecture (Hons) (Newcastle University)Master in Business Administration (London Business School)

    Mr. Lum Tain Fore is the Managing Director of Emfore Capital Partners Pte Ltd. Prior to a management buy-out, Emfore Capital was a subsidiary of the Kim Eng Group of Singapore.Prior to this, Mr Lum co- founded and managed Ginosko Management Group in Singapore. Ginosko was one of Singapore's technology incubators backed by the Singapore government.  With Ginosko Management as a launch pad, he went on to form an early-to-growth stage VC fund, focusing on promising and innovative technology businesses in Asia.Prior to Ginosko, he held senior management positions at various multi-national corporations including Singapore Technologies, Cosa Lieberman, AMF etc.  Apart from  these stints, he also founded a precision engineering company - Techna Telesis - which had received fundings from various venture capitalists.Mr. Lum has a MBA from London Business School, England, a BSc ( Hons ) in Naval Architecture from Newcastle-upon-Tyne University, England.   He is a Singapore government Colombo Plan Scholar. 


    Mr. Lai Khoon Bak

    Chief Administrator

    Education:Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering (Singapore Polytechnic) Mr Lai's career span over 45 years. His most recent career was as a Regional Manager for Thomson Consumer Electronics, responsible for administrating product safety in Hong Kong, USA and Europe. He was also instrumental in Engineering product development in ShenZhen, China. As a Lead ISO 9000 inspector as well as Quality Control Inspector for engineering production, Mr Lai is also vital in the administrative process of the company. At 3dsense Media School, Mr Lai brings with him creative problem solving basing on his years of experience in a full fledge production company to engage the administrative process and challenges the school faces. 


    Mr. Alvin Leong

    Chief Operations Officer

    Education: B.Eng Electronic & Electrical Engineering (Hons) (University College London)Master in Business Administration (INSEAD)

    At 3dsense, Alvin brings his experience in finance and marketing to the team. Prior to joining us he held the position of Assistant Vice President at various financial institutions, where he completed a wide range of corporate finance advisory projects and managed a portfolio of corporate and financial institution clients. He has worked in a global institutions including OCBC Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and Barclays Capital. Currently, his core responsibilities at 3dsense includes the finance and marketing functions of the school. Alvin graduated from University College London, UK, with a Bachelor in Electronic & Electrical Engineering (Hons). He obtained his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD.


    Examination Board responsibilities

    i. Provide feedback and recommendations to the management's review of the student assessment policy, including but not limited to- the conduct of examinations and assessments;- the duties and responsibilities of assessors;- the handling of appeals from students with regard to assessment matters.

    ii. Approve end-of-course assessment papers, if any

    iii. Participate in the moderation panel for academic results

    * indicates Contract for Service
    ^ indicates Company Director