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Why 3dsense?


thinking of joining?

Do you love watching movies and playing games, and often wonder how such immersive visuals are created? Or perhaps love drawing, designing and doing other creative stuff in your free time? If you are thinking “Yes!”, you have come to the right place! Joining a school can be a huge leap forward. here, we will try to address some of your queries. Read on!


Am I talented?

b4afterTalent is an overrated word. Being talented counts for nothing, if you are not able to deliver projects on time, can’t work well in a team or can’t even be punctual for class. Because these are just the most basic ingredients that make up a great artist. Many students wonder, can I actually get my dream job? Our answer to you is “Yes”. However, you do need to love what you do, be patient and work hard. At 3dsense you will mentored by grandmasters of their crafts; who will selflessly impart their techniques and methodologies to you. The rest is up to you.
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our intensive natureparents1

As our school mimicks the real-world to prepare students for employment, life in 3dsense can therefore be very intensive. If you visit us anytime, it is common to see our students working hard on their final renders, design or illustration. To help them, we give students the best our facilities have to offer: dedicated access to workstations, even on weekends and holidays, and exposure to top industry professionals. Being surrounded by other passionate classmates also helps students perform. This helps them to make outstanding progress in one year and why our graduates can be consistently sought after by the major studios upon graduation.


Who is teaching me?

lectsYour lecturers come from some of the top studios and have worked on some of the most exciting projects in digital entertainment and media. They will guide you every step of the way in your growth. Beyond their craft and techniques, you will also be inspired and absorb their life philosophies that make them successful.


"I think what 3dsense Media School is doing is awesome. What stands out for me is how passionate the school is about education, and (3dsense) is a very special place because of that. 3dsense has done alot for the industry over its history, and I believe there are many graduates who are very grateful to the school for helping them achieve their dreams."

Alex Woo
Lead Story Artist, Pixar Animation Studios


Top ranked school



in Asia for
3D Animation.
(CG Student Awards 2015)


in the World for Digital Illustration.
(Rookies 2016)


in the World for
Next-Gen Gaming.
(Rookies 2016)


Preparing yourself

preprIf there is anything you can do, it is to read and learn more about the industry. Hang back for film credits, Google up names of supervising animators from your favorite animation, or designers of your favorite games or commercials. Explore their works, read their interviews, join online digital design communities, like Behance, Artstation or DeviantArt. Download trial or learning editions of various software and just start playing around or practice.


International Diversity

intlEvery day at 3dsense, is a day in a Classroom of the World! Here, you will find yourself surrounded by classmates from distant countries (we were tempted to say planets :), each with different cultural perspectives and artistic inspirations, but all united in one common passion! We are always thrilled to welcome every batch of new students joining our family. From countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Mexico and many other European and Asian countries, our environment will help you expand your creative mindset.



career Prospects

Graduates from our school have been gainfully employed in many of the world’s biggest media and entertainment studios. While the majority of our graduates work in Singapore, over 40% of them work overseas in major cities such as Canada, USA, Australia, China and other countries in Asia. Being a talent-driven industry, there are many opportunities around the globe for skilled digital artists and designers. Here are just some of the major companies hiring our graduates over the years.


IS 1 Year Enough?


1 year is NOT enough. But neither is a 3 or 4-year program. For professional designers or artists, art is a lifestyle and a lifelong learning journey. A never-ending pursuit, beyond school days and even work hours. In striving towards mastery, you must relentlessly hone your craft and experience. These are all quintessential attributes in order to produce the best possible work on screen or on your digital canvas.
Our 1 year is more intensive than any 3-year course, and the outcome at the end of 1 year often greatly surpasses any expectations. This is why we have a consistently ranked amongst the best schools in the world, have high employment rate and why our graduates and alumni can go on to achieve wonderful success in their careers. The stellar achievements by our students prove that a 1-year intensive educational model can produce results. It also fits perfectly in a dynamic and highly competitive world today where traditional notions of a degree guaranteeing employment or one-job-for-life are being shattered.