Diploma Course Fees
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The fees listed here,  covers all fees including tuition & non tuition fees (materials, software, taxes and other administrative fees etc).
For a more detailed breakdown, please refer to the rest of the tables below.

TOTAL payable fees

(after WDA subsidy^)  
3D Animation & Visual Effects
SGD 31,559.65
SGD 10,587.65
SGD 38,543.70
Motion & Graphics design
SGD 31,559.65
SGD 10,587.65
SGD 38,543.70
Concept Design & Illustration
SGD 32,629.65
SGD 11,657.65
SGD 41,753.70

 ^Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents above the age of 16 will receive a SGD 19,600 subsidy from the Singapore WDA. Male applicants must have completed National Service.
Learn about other available subsidies

Payment Instalment Schedule

We offer an installment plan at no interest charge so that students may pay their course fees over 2 equal instalments.
The 1st instalment is due before course commences and the 2nd instalment is due 6 months after course commencement.
*Payment of the first instalment is required to secure a seat in the program.


Here is a detailed breakdown of the total course fees, including tuition and non tuition fees.

Tuition Fees 
Diploma Course 
Singapore Citizens & PRs
International Students
3D Animation &
Visual Effects
SGD 29,960              
SGD 36,380        
Motion & Graphics Design
SGD 29,960
SGD 36,380
Concept Design & Illustration
SGD 31,030
SGD 39,350
Non-Tuition Fees 
Non-tuition Items
Course materials
SGD 288.90               
Software &
Equpment Support
SGD 631.30
Escrow Administration Fee
SGD 90.95
Medical Insurance
SGD 69.55
Wacom Intuous
Pro Medium
SGD 588.50
Student Visa Application
Service Fees
(For international students only)
SGD 494.50


Other ad-hoc micellaneous charges
Late Payment Charge
(1 week after the due date)
2% of Fees due              
Administration Fee for every
additional instalment
(standard 2 instalments)
SGD 53.50
Administration Fee for PSEA usage
SGD 5.00
Re-issue of Certificate or Transcript
SGD 53.50
Replacement of Student Card
Sgd 10.70
Assessment Appeal Fee
Sgd 53.50
Final Notes

Course fees are payable in Singapore Dollars via cheque, telegraphic wire transfer, ATM or internet banking transfer. 
3dsense Media School is registered with the Singapore Commitee of Private Education (CPE) since 2004 and adopts the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) in accordance with CPE regulations. 
3dsense Media School reserves the right to modify its program fees and policies as may be deemed necessary.
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