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Frequently Asked Questions


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Applying to 3dsense


Do I need to have any prior background to join?

Stumped by what you see in our gallery of student work? You may be surprised to hear that 90% of them have no background prior to joining us. In fact, we do not require students to have any relevant background. What we are looking for is passion, the right attitude and a willingness to spend long hours honing their craft. In our opinion, these factors are far more important than having an art background prior to joining the school.

When does the diploma course commence each year?

Our full-time diploma courses start every 4 months. In March, July and November each year, a new intake class starts. Application for our intakes are on a first-come-first-served, rolling basis, so you can apply to our school as soon as you have decided you would like to join our family. Visit How to Apply for the upcoming start dates and application procedure.


When is the deadline for applications?

While there is no official application deadline, we strongly advise you to submit your application as soon as you have decided to join, in order to avoid disappointment. This is because each class is capped at a maximum of 25 students and classes are usually filled up 2-6 months before the intake start date.
For example, if you are applying for the November 2018 intake, you should submit your application around May 2018 (or earlier) and no later than September 2018.

How long will it take to know the result?

Once you have submitted your application (including all documents), we will contact you to arrange for an entry examination conducted at the school (for local students) or Skype (for international students). We will then email you the result within 2 weeks after the interview.

Does the school provide any financial aid?

At this moment, only Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) are eligible for the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) subsidy. There are no Scholarships, Financial Aids or Bursaries available for international students. International students can apply for a study loan in their respective country of residence. Do plan and sort out your finances before you enroll for our Diploma courses. Approach our Program Advisors if you have troubles financing your course fees and we will try our best to advise you.

Can I change my intake dates after I register?

Yes you may, subject to the availability of seats.


What should I prepare for the ENTRANCE interview? I'm getting nervous…

It is good that you are feeling anxious - this shows that you really care! However, fear not. There are absolutely no technical or drawing tests! The entrance interview is really for the school to understand more about the applicant, and to assess if he or she has a strong passion for the industry. Maturity and a good knowledge of the industry is most definitely a plus, not to mention good personality, humility and a positive attitude! You know what we are looking for! :)


Are your programs accredited? What exactly is "WSQ"?

Since 2008, 3dsense has been appointed by SkillsFuture Singapore (a statutory board under the Singapore's Ministry of Education) as a CET Centre to deliver WSQ training programs to train talent for the digital media industry. WSQ is short for Workforce Skills Qualifications. It is a national continuing education and training system designed to complement the formal education system in government schools. WSQ training is quality assured by SkillsFuture Singapore to ensure best standards and delivery, and is recognized widely across studios and production houses. (Note: In 2016, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) was re-structured as SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG))


Are your programs well-recognized?

Since 2015, 3dsense has been ranked amongst the top computer graphics schools globally by The Rookies International awards for creative studies. In 2016, we were ranked #2 in the world for Digital Illustration and #4 in Next Generation Gaming, and earned further ranking in 2017 for Visual Effects, Game Design, Motion Graphics and Illustration categories. Graduates from the school are today employed in many of the biggest studios globally. As a Continuing Education & Training Centre (CET Centre) appointed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, our diplomas are issued by the Singapore government and therefore receive nationwide and international recognition. In addition, top universities such as University of Hertfordshire have formed formal degree progression pathways/credit exemptions with us.



Studying at 3dsense

What are your operating hours?

Our administrative office is open from 9am-6pm (Monday to Friday) and 10am-1pm (Saturday); and closed on Sundays and public holidays. Students have access to their classrooms/computer labs every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays.

Do I need to bring my own laptop?

No. In the classrooms, each student will have access to a desktop workstation for the entire duration of the program. These dedicated facilities will allow you to fully focus on building a high quality portfolio or demo reel that is critical for gaining employment in the industry. Of course, all the required software will be pre-installed in the workstation.

How are classes conducted?

Our teaching approach is one that is extremely hands-on and based on actual industry processes and workflow. Instead of the traditional lecture-hall style lecture, our classes are conducted in a studio-simulated environment, where students are treated as apprentice artists who learn while doing. Every student will get constant feedback and guidance from lecturers. Classes are conducted daily from Monday to Friday. On some days students may have a full-day class (ie. 10am-5pm), while on others they may have a half day, leaving the rest of the day with free time to work on their assignments. We do encourage students to be in school as much as they can, as the access to lecturers, seniors etc can really help them in their learning progress.


Who will I be learning from?

Our mentors are some of the most successful individuals in their field of work. They bring with them not just the knowledge of their craft, but also a winning mindset that they can share, inspire and positively influence our students. It definitely takes more than good art or design skills to be successful in their field, and we believe that these factors are also essential when it comes to teaching, and becoming a great teacher.


How many students are there in each intake?

We accept up to a maximum of 25 students per course, per intake. Having these small class sizes is a key factor behind the effective training approach that 3dsense has become known for. We extensively adopt a hands-on, practical teaching approach to ensure that students have ample time learning directly from the mentors.

Can I seek credit exemptions for certain modules?

No, we do not allow exemptions for any modules for our Diploma courses. All students are expected to complete each and every module. Even if you may have prior knowledge and skills in the specific topic, think of it this way - there is never too much drawing if you are seeking to become the best artist.


Can I work part-time during the course?

No. It is very tough to manage both studies and work, even if you plan to work on weekends or on days that you do not have classes. Remember working part-time takes away precious time from your school work and this off-time is exactly what you need to digest, learn, improve, and let alone complete your assignments. Things can quickly go south when you start to realize that you are falling behind classmates who are improving daily by leaps and bounds. As such, we advise students to think thoroughly and be whole-heartedly committed to our diploma courses. Only with a clear focus, purpose and strong commitment can one transform himself or herself into a professional in the media and entertainment industry.


What is the cost of living in Singapore?

This is a very subjective question and really depends on what you are used to! Generally, it is somewhat higher compared to other countries in South east Asia. However, compared to cities such as London, Sydney, New York, Japan, Hong Kong etc, Singapore would be considered very affordable.
It really comes down to your own personal choices. If you choose to eat at eateries, food courts, hawker centres, fast food and commute via public transportation (like most people do), you will find living in Singapore rather affordable.
You will also be relieved to know that the intensity of our Diploma program will help keep your spending at bay, since you can expect to be spending the bulk of your waking hours in school!



Life after 3dsense


Can I get a job after graduating?

The traditional belief is that obtaining a paper qualification is the key to finding employment. However this is simply not the case in the creative industry, where it is the quality of your portfolio that lands you the job, and not the paper qualification that you hold.

Think of this from the employer's standpoint. If you were looking to hire a modeler, animator, illustrator, or designer, would you be more concerned with the candidate’s paper qualification, or the actual level of work he/she is capable of producing? Even in the non-creative industries, paper qualifications are no longer a guarantee of employment in today’s world. Recruiters want to know: what is the level of work you are capable of producing.

Your skills are the key to finding employment, and the most objective measure of that is your portfolio! Hence finding a job really depends on the quality of your portfolio, and not the paper qualification that you hold. This is in fact true across every segment of the creative industry, from interior designers, architects, fashion designers to story writers.

And arming you with that high quality portfolio is what 3dsense is all about. From day one, students are essentially building up their body of work for their eventual job hunt. This is why we do our best to throughout the year to ensure students’ works are polished to the best of their abilities. At the same time while the students are working hard learning their ropes, the school has in place a slew of career placement support services to help assimilate them into the industry.


What are the Support Services provided?

We understand that our students study hard for a single dream: so that they can embark on a career in their chosen field when they graduate. At 3dsense, every staff member from the program advisors, lecturers and mentors, are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal. While you clock your hours to produce an almighty portfolio, rest assured we are also working hard to bridge you to the industry and the job opportunities.

When you commence the course, there will be classes to equip you with the “survival skills” to thrive in the course and understand the industry demands. Talks and masterclasses by guest speakers are also conducted every month. These aim to give you insights into the industry and build your network. As your graduation day approaches, we also arrange for studios to visit the school to conduct recruitment talks or portfolio critiques – your chance to impress them.

Many studios approach us when they need to hire and we will inform our worthy students of such relevant job openings. Make sure you have a strong portfolio to get that job offer when the opportunity knocks!


Further Academic Pathway

3dsense Media School has articulation pathways with two top universities: School of Visual Arts (New York, US) and University of Hertfordshire (UK).

Graduates of the WSQ Diploma in Animation and WSQ Diploma in Digital Design from 3dsense may apply for entry into the 2nd year of the 3-year Bachelor of Arts program at University of Hertfordshire, and choose one of the following tracks: 3D Animation / BA Games Art / BA Visual Effects / BA Graphic Design & Illustration

Graduates of the WSQ Diploma in Animation from 3dsense may apply for entry into the 2nd year of the 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Computer Arts, Computer Animation and Visual Effects at School of Visual Arts, New York, US.

I have more questions! How can I find out more?

We will be more than happy to sit down with you, or have a Skype session to address all your concerns! Do contact us, and our Program Advisor will happy to help arrange an appointment.