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For Parents


Why 3dsense Media School?

Welcome, parents and families! We know that finding the right school is not easy. There are many factors to consider and merits to weigh. We hope this page can help address some of these concerns!


An International Class

allstudentsBeing ranked as one of the best schools in the world also means 3dsense attracts students from as far as USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Mexico, Italy, Portgual and many other European and Asian countries. 3dsense media school is truly a melting port where students from all over the world convene to learn, interact, mingle and grow artistically in skills and knowledge.

Qualifications & Recognitionsoyk *Visit by Singapore Education Minister Mr Ong Ye Kung.

We are a government appointed Continuous Education Training Centre  with Skillsfuture Singapore. Most of our Diplomas are government certifications and as such is recognised across all Singapore companies. Being an Edutrust school in Singapore also means that our school is subjected to stringent regulatory checks and audit, making sure students gets the best from their education here. Parents can be assured their kids, and students themselves learn in a conducive, safe and legitimate environment.

IS 1 Year Enough?


1 year is NOT enough. And Neither is a 3 or 4 years program. For a professional artistic career, art is a lifestyle and a lifetime commitment. It is an on-going pursue, beyond school days, beyond office hours and mastery comes from a constant honing of craft, and experience; all quaintessential attributes in order to produce the best possible work on screen or on canvas. What sets us apart is the unique industry immersion nature of our diploma courses where we mimick the real world environment, from the best lecturers, small class sizes to dedicated equipment access. Our 1 year is more intensive than any 3 to 4 years course, and the outcome at the end of 1 year can be amazing, as manifested by the success of our graduates and alumni and the consistent high employment track record. The stellar achievements by our students, alumni and school prove that a 1 year intensive philosophy and model can produce Results, and it fits perfectly in a dynamic and highly competitive world today where time is money. The time value of money cannot be understated.




School in ASIA for Computer Graphics training.
*Ranked by AUTODESK Rookies


School in the World for DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION.
*Ranked by AUTODESK Rookies

TOP 10

School in world for Computer Graphics training.
*Ranked by Industry trade Magazine 3DWorld

Industry connection

industryFrom international Entertainment companies such as  PIXAR, Disney and Lucasfilm, to home grown studios like Imaginary Friends Studios and VHQ; Our lecturers are some of the best creative geniuses the world has to offer, and has worked on some of the best media and entertainment projects, movies, tv series, commercials and games in the world. These grandmasters will be the mentor of the students. They do not just impart their crafts and techniques, but above all, share their mindset and strategies of becoming successful.  Students here are exposed to only the best the industry has to offer. 

"I have to say that I have been very impressed by the quality of 3dsense and the relevance of their programs. Certainly, the best testament is the fact that we have been able to hire students from the school over the years. The school has been doing a great job with their training. Keep it up!"
Jacqueline Tan
Former Deputy General Manager, Lucasfilm Singapore


Job Prospects


Employment Rate for graduates from our school.


Industry growth by 2020.

Currently, more than 40% of our students are engaged in overseas work! Our students are hired by major international companies in USA, Canada, Australia, China as well as many other Asian countries. Being a talent driven industry, this also means that there are many opportunities overseas. Listed here are just some of the major global media companies and studios hiring our graduates over the years.


University articulation

svaSome of our selected Diploma courses are academically articulated with some of the best universities in the world in New York and United Kingdom, should students want to further pursue a degree program. Visit Degree Pathways for more information.