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Living in Singapore

You are about to make a major committment, leaving home and venturing to Singapore for study. You have concerns and rightly so. Here, we will give you a brief but essential information about living and staying in Singapore and you will come to realise, there really is'nt much to worry about! After all, 50% of our student population are from outside Singapore, and we are glad that we have made them comfortable, living, staying and studying here!

Studying in Singapore

Considered as one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world, Singapore offers a high quality of life for people across all cultures and nationalities staying here. Our education system is also well regulated by the local government agencies, all private school would need to attain stringent education standards in order to operate.


Online Connectivity

Regarded as one of the most connected country in the world, we are also probably the most wired country in Asia. Boosting public WiFis as well as high speed 4G/LTE access across the nation. Our internet service providers also offers competitive rates for getting you online 24/7.

International Student Visas

The school will apply for International Student Visas for all international students who has accepted our offer for admissions. Every international student is to hold a valid student's visa pass. A tourist visa is not sufficient to study in Singapore. Part time work is not allowed and also not realistic during your studies here at 3dsense media school. Studies will be hectic and it will be very difficult to focus on your growth as a digital artist.

Regulated Trusted Education System

All good private education institutions need to achieve higher and comprehensive standards in their corporate governance and administration,academic processes, student protection and support services, and financial viability. The EduTrust certification scheme enables them to differentiate themselves as of a higher quality of education delivery.


Economy, Culture and Leisure

Because of our small size, Singapore is sometimes refered to as “The Little Red Dot”. We are one of the smallest countries in the world, but also a very cosmopolitan city. We are made up of 4 major ethnic groups, Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians, with a strong Singaporean Identity. Expatriates from across the world visits and live here and many had since made Singapore their permanent home of residence.These mix brings together a unique and harmonious environment and culture that we are sure many will love and enjoy. Despite our size, Singapore is an economic powerhouse, Singapore boost a high per capita income and has attracted the likes of Lucasfilm, Mill, Double Negative, Discovery Channel, Disney amongst many media companies.

Safety and Security

Singapore is govern firmly by the rule of law, this also implies us having one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Take a ride on our subway (Mass Rapid Transit) MRT to any parts of Singapore, in Singapore and you'll quickly notice that it is only the tourists firmly holding on to their bags! Singaporeans are used to the convenience of safety while traveling outdoors.

Here are some facts and figures about living in Singapore!


Population: About 5.5Million (As of 2016)
Temperature:23 to 32 °C (73 to 90 °F).
Main language used: English 
Estimated Monthly Expenses (In Singapore Dollar)
Rental Housing (*varies with size, type, location etc.)
$500 - $1,500*
$300 to $400
Personal expenses
$200 to $400
Transportation within Singapore