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Why 3dsense?

You love art, design and all things creative. Perhaps also a big fan of movies and games? If so, you have come to the right place. Read on!


World-class Mentors

lectsFrom international studios such as Pixar, Disney and Lucasfilm, our lecturers are some of the best creative geniuses you can find. Our full-time Program Directors have each over 10-18 years of production experience. They do not merely impart their craft and techniques, but above all, build your mindset required to become a professional.


Dedicated Facilitiesparents1

As our goal is to prepare you for employment, the course simulates the real-world studio environment. Studying here can therefore be intensive, so we do our best by giving every student 1:1 dedicated access to fully-equipped workstations, even on weekends and holidays.


Do I need talent?

b4afterAs useful as talent is, it counts for nothing if you are not able to deliver projects on time, can’t work well in a team or can’t even be punctual for class. Many students wonder, can I actually get my dream job? Our answer to you is “Yes”. However, you do need to love what you do, be patient and work hard. Take a look at some of our students' work Before & After they started the course.


"I think what 3dsense Media School is doing is awesome. What stands out for me is how passionate the school is about education, and (3dsense) is a very special place because of that. 3dsense has done alot for the industry over its history, and I believe there are many graduates who are very grateful to the school for helping them achieve their dreams."

Alex Woo
Lead Story Artist, Pixar Animation Studios


Top ranked school


Top 10

Consistently ranked among Top 10 Schools Worldwide in Digital Media.
(Rookies 2016-2019)


in Asia for
3D Animation.
(CG Student Awards 2015)


International Diversity

intlHere, you will find yourself surrounded by classmates from distant countries (we were tempted to say planets :), each with different cultural perspectives and artistic inspirations, but all united in one common passion! The diversity of our student population, hailing from USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, South America and other European and Asian countries, help create a melting pot of creative energy.


Close Mentorship

pedo1To make sure every student gets the attention they need, our maximum class size is capped at 25 students, a feature often lacking in more traditional institutions. In some courses, the specialisation tracks brings down the student:lecturer ratio to less than 5.




Job Prospects


Employment Rate for graduates from our school.


Industry growth by 2020.

Graduates from our school have been gainfully employed in many of the world’s biggest media and entertainment studios. Over 40% of them today work overseas in cities such as Vancouver, London, Sydney and Beijing. Here are just some of the major companies hiring our graduates over the years.



Staying connected with the industry is vital to being current with the trends and development of the real world. This also means, our students are accessing the latest techniques, in both software , hardware and process; as well as following the rules of the industry when it comes to film, games or any forms of media productions.