[ For Singapore CITIZENS only ]

You may utilize the funds in your SkillsFuture Credit account to pay for part of your course fees. This is in addition to any other subsidies you may be eligible for. On 11 January 2016, all Singapore Citizens above the age of 25 received a credit of SGD 500 in their SkillsFuture Credit account. The claim process is managed by SkillsFuture Singapore via their web portal. You will receive your requested credit upon completion of the course.


1) You must submit your claim no later than 90 days from the course start date. The earliest you may submit your claim is 1 day after the course starts.

2) You can only submit your claim after you have made payment for the course fees (first instalment, for Diploma programs). Obtain your Payment Receipt from the school as you will need to upload it to SkillsFuture.


Steps to submit claim:

1) Go to and click Login to log in using your SingPass account

2) Click Submit a Claim

3) Click Select a Course and select the course you would like to take.

Course Start Date: < enter today’s date >

Training Provider: < enter 3dsense Media School >

4) Enter your payment details:

      Fees Payable by you (incl. GST): < enter the Amount Payable (w/gst) as indicated in your Payment Receipt from 3dsense >

      Amount of Credit to Claim: < enter the amount of SkillsFuture Credit you would like to claim >

      Pay to: < Select “My Bank Account” >

      Enter your bank name and account number where you would like the credit to be paid to.

5) Upload the Payment Receipt which you received from the school.

6) Tick the Declaration checkbox and click Submit!

7) Upon submission, you will see a message “Your application has been submitted”.

You may check the status of your claim applications under your SkillsFuture page.

If approved, you will receive your requested credit in your bank account upon completion of the course.