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Concept Design & Illustration

1 Year Fulltime Diploma

This program is for those seeking to be concept designers and digital illustrators in the video game and design industry. Taught in collaboration with the world-acclaimed Imaginary Friends Studios, it focuses on foundational art, concept design and digital illustration. Students will graduate with the WSQ Diploma in Digital Design awarded by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency.

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87.5% Employed

Over 87.5% of our graduates are hired in the creative  industry. This means that they are practicing what they learn and are immediately deployable by media production companies upon graduation.


Contrary to popular belief, most of our students join us with zero background and training in the arts. We start you off from ground-zero and teach you fundamentals essential for your future success.


In The Rookies 2016 School of the Year awards, we were ranked 2nd for “Digital Illustration”, from a pool of 479 schools from over 75 countries. All credits to our students and alumni!

Fee Subsidies

For eligible Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, you will be entitled to a SGD 19,600 course fee subsidy from SkillsFuture Singapore. More funding may also be available subject to eligibility.

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Learn from the Grandmasters

Learn from some of the leading professional artists in the entertainment design industry, such as Artgerm, Kunkka, Derrick Song and Kai Lim!

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bg bottom we are metanic

During this 12months program, you will be learning everyday. From day 1, you are regarded as a junior artists, delivering milestones and tasks according to your Art Directors requirements.




Learn 3D generalist skills in animation, modeling, lighting, compositing and rendering. Emphasis is on the development of strong fundamentals in both visual skills and software such as Photoshop, Maya, Nuke, Zbrush etc.




Students will start one of the three specializations: Animation, Modeling or Visual Effects. Go in depth into production techniques based on actual industry workflow and processes used in next-gen games and feature films




Learn advanced 3D techniques, and apply it towards a real-world production pipeline through individual and group projects. Complete final projects and produce a demo reel, your key to getting hired in the industry.

Student Showcase

Forging Careers . Shaping Visions

Our alumni have helped to shape the visions of Directors and Game Creators globally. Here are some of the movies, games and comics they have worked on!

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Digital designers are equipped with the skills to work on some of the most exciting opportunities within the entertainment industry. Game and animation studios, design and advertising agencies, feature film studios and visual effects houses all require skilled concept artists and designers.

work on projects where visual and special effects create design spectacles, fantastical creatures or other invented elements. Concept Artists are involved at the beginning of pre-production and may also be involved in the pitching process, producing illustrations to promote the the proposed game/film to potential financiers and/or distributors.
create the visual elements of a game, such as characters, scenery, objects, vehicles, surface textures, clothing, props, and even user interface components. They also create concept art and storyboards which help communicate the proposed visual elements during the pre-production phase.
Working in the digital medium, digital illustrators produce digital paintings and artwork and help make products more attractive or easier to understand. This could include advertisements, in-game visuals, card/board games, comic books, book jackets, greetings cards, packaging etc. If you are talented at drawing, and have creativity and imagination, this might be the perfect job for you. You’ll need to be creative while sticking to your customer's design brief.
create the 'look' of an project, visually interpreting the script, developing characters and environments that will both illustrate the narrative and enable Directors to realise their vision. They start with the script/brief, when producing the original designs in 2D format initially and present then as drawings or paintings. They are involved in establishing the environments, characters, props, colour schemes and any other design elements required for the production.
illustrate the narrative, plan shots, and draw panels to demonstrate action and maintain continuity between scenes. They work closely with the Director and, possibly, with the scriptwriter, Producer, client or Storyboard Supervisor, to visualise and tell the story.
Visualization has recently emerged as a buzzing career option since it is an integral part of the advertising industry. They produce 2D images to provide shape to ideas and thoughts from the creative team. In case of a commercial ad/film, a visualizer would understand the concept and visual treatment of the product as per the script then prepare concept artwork and, with the storyboard artist, prepare a storyboard of the ad/film.

Meet our Yodas

If you think our students draw like Luke Skywalker, You haven't met our Yodas yet. Check out their online art galleries, which have a collective page-views of over 100 million times.
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"...Today, some of their alumni play a pivotal role in Polygon Pictures' studios in Japan and Malaysia. I look forward to the continuous flow of talented graduates to come out from 3dsense, and what's more, I look forward to working with them!"
Shuzo John Shiota
CEO / President
Polygon Pictures Inc . Tokyo


Enrollment Information

Applications are accepted on a ongoing basis. Please apply at least 2 to 6 months before intake start dates.


intake months & Dates

28 July 2017  |  24 November 2017  |  30 March 2018
27 July 2018  |  30 November 2018  |  29 March 2019
Applications are processed on an ongoing basis and will close once the class is full. Each class has a maximum size of 25 students and classes are full as early as 6 months before the class starts. Please apply early!

portfolio & ENTRY TEST

All applicants must submit a portfolio and be interviewed by a relevant faculty lecturer. You will be assessed based on your aptitude and portfolio, before final acceptance into our course.

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course consultants

Our course consultants are professionals in the world of our industry. Make an appointment to visit the school to understand more about our curriculum, what companies and studios are looking for, and above all how to better prepare yourself for the industry. You will definitely make a more informed decision after that.

application STEPS

Make sure you meet the Entry Requirements and understand the Admissions Procedure (link below). Once you are ready, please proceed to submit the online application form. This will initiate the admission process and we will contact you within 3 days to advise you through the rest of the process.

Singaporeans & PRs - Admissions Procedure

International Students - Admissions Procedure