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learning with CREATIVE GENIUSES | creating festival worthy films.

Every year some of our best graduates are selected from our Diploma course to embark on the 6 months festival scholarship program.
Working together with some of the best artists in the world, guiding and mentoring them, these students go on  to create award winning films, acclaimed globally.

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Here are some of the trailers from our student films. Some of them are still currently in the festival circuit and as such cannot be shown online publicly.
Our student films have made it to the official selection of some of most prestigious film festivals globally, including Oscar qualifying competitions. 

Many of them go on to win top accolades and distinctions around the world; such recognitions are testaments to the hardwork of our festival scholars and our veteran mentors. Here are some select festivals our students film has been in official selections.



A tale of a young witch call Aster. This is her quest to find her broom!




Mother Hoot!

A sly snake, a clever mother owl. What length would mother owl go to protect her eggs!




The Christmas Star

A man living on a hill was in search for the perfect star for his Christmas tree. What would his search for the perfect star yield him?  This film has been in official selections in at least 2 OSCARS qualifying film festivals.
Watch the trailer for this short film.



A short film about a little lady bird, a fanboy of an outstanding pollen harvester bee. 


Short Fuse!

A clever inventor, a malfunction cleaning bot and a post apolcaplyptic world. An exciting adventure awaits! Watch our teaser!




Chop Chop

“Potato Paradise”, is a restaurant in a small town which they served the best fries. This fries are specially made from LIVING potatoes. Potatoes, alive! Unfortunately, they don’t know what their future lies ahead. Once they found out their demise, they have to make a hasty escape and hopefully, find a home where the potatoes can truly called, their paradise.
Watch the trailer for this short film.





A game and VR experience. A traveller in a foreign world, in search of his father.




The Host

An unknowing warrior, travels into the depths of the ancient city ruins to hunt for treasure. Only to realise, he is the one that is hunted.