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Specialist Diploma in

Digital Film Production*

6-month fulltime
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for Festival Scholars

Only selected graduates from our Diploma courses will be offered a SPACE IN this program. All scholars go through a stringent selection process.
1. Excellent attitude shown during the course of their one year studies with us.
2.Mastery of tools and high artistic calibre.
3. Strong desire to participate in developing a world class short film.
Upon admission, candidates will work together with some of the top production artists from around the world to develop their film. course.

Story development


From the fundamental story spline development to 3-act story structure. From plot-driven to character-driven ideas, story development is the essense of the course. With the help of Story artists and heads of stories who have worked on major hollywood films, students will get to learn first hand the importance of story development and the process that would define and sculpt the final story.

production design

All students will have a hand in production design for the film. From characters to environment, the role of the artists is to service the story, the plot or the characters. Students will need to be critical about the design in context to the film.

team driven process

Every individual in the production team has a forte.  With their specialist skillsets, they would work together, and through a production process create a film that they can be proud of.

World-class mentors

The mentors are seen more as senior supervisors  to guide students through a workflow that ultimately defines the final film. These mentors bring with them years of production experience, preventing students to make certain mistakes during the production process. Students will also learn from them their execution process during the different production stages.

Industry Immersion Curriculum


This production will mimick and entire short film production process. From script to layout, to final frame rendering. Students will be aware of the challenges that a production faces as well as how to overcome them. At the end of the course, students will have a deeper appreciation of digital film production.

directing & producing


As a digital artists, you will learn to direct and produce the entire film. Everyone will have a role to play during the production process and everyone will be aware of the needs of the director and producer of the film. A formal director and producer will be appointed halfway during the course to ensure that production runs smoothly and predictably.

Join our Festival Scholars



Every year, only the best graduates are selected from our Diploma course to embark on the 6 months festival scholarship program. Working together with some of the best artists in the world, guiding and mentoring them, these students go on to create award winning films, acclaimed globally.

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Enrollment Information

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please apply at least 6 months before intake start dates.


intake months

Our months of intakes are in April, August and December. Typically, out of a cohort size of 120, anywhere from 5 to 15 will be chosen.

scholarship eligibility

All potential students will be required to pass an entry examination and interview with our relevant faculty. You will be required to submit your portfolio and subsequently speak to one of our faculty lecturer before the final acceptance into our course.

Enquire at the school office for more information.

course consultants

Our course consultants are professionals in the world of our industry and it is very helpful to speak with them to understand more about companies, studios, design agencies and what they are looking for, and above all how to better prepare yourself for the industry. You will definitely make a more informed decision in the end.

application & admission

You will receive an interest confirmation form during your final term of your Diploma studies at 3dsense media school. Following which the school will shortlist selected candidates for the scholarship program. You will be notified in the final month of your Diploma studies of the results.