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1-Year Fulltime Diploma
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This 12-month full-time diploma is for those seeking careers as 3D Character Animators, Visual Effects or Game Artists in the film, game and digital media industry. Launched in 2004 with the aim of providing real-world training based on the most current 3D production techniques, it has since produced many top professionals working in the industry. The school was recently ranked as the best 3D animation school in Asia and #4 in the world for Next-Gen Gaming in the Autodesk | Rookies 2017 international awards

In this intensive, industry-driven program, you will work in studio-simulated classrooms, embarking first on computer graphics fundamentals before going in-depth into the advanced digital techniques used to create today's Hollywood blockbusters and triple-A games. The goal is to equip you with not just the technical skills, but also the creative foundation to meet the ever increasing demands of the industry. We strive to keep the curriculum current (or sometimes even ahead) of the industry. Software used include Zbrush, Maya, Houdini, Renderman, Nuke and Arnold, to name a few.

Students will graduate with the WSQ Diploma in Media (Visual Graphics) 3D Animation, Game Art & Visual Effects awarded by SkillsFuture Singapore, a statutory board under the Ministry of Education.




87.5% Employed

87.5% of our graduates successfully find employment in the creative industry. More than 40% of them today work in countries such as USA, Canada, Beijing and parts of Europe.

Houdini Certified

3dsense Media School has been added into the official list of certified schools in 2020 for quality training in Houdini, one of the most popular industry-standard software for visual effects.


Most recently in The Rookies 2019, we were ranked 2nd in "Best Visual Effects Schools in the World" and 5th in "Best Animation Schools in the World" out of 500 schools worldwide! All credits to our students and alumni!

70% Subsidy

Eligible Singaporeans and Permanent Residents will receive a SGD 19,600 SkillsFuture subsidy from the Singapore government.

Learn from Top Professionals

Our lecturers are industry veterans such as Craig Stevenson & Derrick Song, who have over 35 years of experience working at some of the biggest studios around the world.


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Learn 3D generalist skills in animation, modeling, lighting, compositing and rendering. Emphasis is on the development of strong fundamentals in both visual skills and software such asd Photoshop, Maya, Nuke, Zbrush etc.




Students will start one of the 2 specializations: Animation, or Visual Effects, with Modeling as a core specialisation for all students. Go in depth into production techniques based on actual industry workflow and processes used in next-gen games and feature films.




Learn advanced 3D techniques, and apply it towards a real-world production pipeline through individual and group projects. Complete final projects and produce a demo reel, your key to getting hired in the industry.



The curriculum delves in-depth to allow students to gain the artistic and technical skills for high-end 3D digital productions. After month 4, students will choose from one of three specialization tracks.


Character Animation

Focus on Disney style, executing the acting performance of digital characters, from acting and advanced body mechanics to creature animation.

Visual Effects

Create visual phenomenon with fluid simulations and rigid body dynamics, as well as composite footage with CG elements to create a cinematic look.


Create cinematic assets with hi end applications, focusing on delivering the most photorealistic outcomes.

Learn from industry leaders

Be mentored by top professionals with years of experience working at studios such as Ubisoft,Bandai Namco,dISNEYWeta DigitalLucasfilm.
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Student Work

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Alumni Track Record




Left & Top: Alumni Stanley Wong (left), Janice Tan and Senn ye (top), at the academy awards and annual VES awards!

Since 2003, 3dsense has built a strong reputation for providing real-world education in computer graphics.
Our graduate placement rate of 88% means that we are consistently producing skilled creative talent for the media industry.

Awards Nominations
Over the years, many of our alumni has been working on projects that had won or nominated for academy awards. They have helped realised the vision of movies and games in the world of media and entertainment.

Meet our alumni


"...its is a community of like minded people..each person always try to encourage the others to improve.."
Florencia. Chile, South America

Watch her interview video!


CAREER opportunities

Computer Graphics artists are instrumental in creating the photo-realistic worlds and mind-bending visuals in blockbuster movies and games, from building 3D assets, animating to final compositing and effects. They are also increasingly sought-after in industries including advertising, virtual-reality, simulations and industrial design.

3D GeneralistS
work on various aspects in a production process within a studio. They are usually equipped with skills in areas like VFX, Modeling as well a good grasp of animation. These artists are very sought after in the industry as they are versatile in their skills and are also adaptable to different production aspects.
3D Modelers / GAME ARTISTS
create the visual elements of a game or film, such as characters, scenery, objects, vehicles, surface textures, clothing, props, and even user interface components. They also create concept art and storyboards which help communicate the proposed visual elements during the pre-production phase.
Technical Directors
are problem solvers in a production process. They are usually more technically savvy, but with a keen sense of aesthetics. These artists are very valuable in a production as they will not only solve production issues, but also writing tools such as texture shaders, lighting setup or even scripts to improve production processes.
Character Animators
are artists who have a good sense of rhythm. They create the illusion of life into inanimate objects, making them move believably. Similar to a puppet master, an animator manipulates a 3D model character and breathes life into them. Making these assets, talk, dance run, cry, laugh and joke, animators are one of the most essential parts of the production process.
are VFX artists who work with other artists to assemble a scene or a shot. These artists work with layers upon layers of shot assets, and put them altogether to achieve the final cinematic look. Compositors typically have a strong artistic sense in order to create the look that directors requires.
are artists who have a sensitive eye for motion. These artists work on a frame-by-frame level on film. Their role is to prepare VFX shots so that CG elements can be placed realistically onto each shot, seamlessly.




"...Today, some of their alumni play a pivotal role in Polygon Pictures' studios in Japan and Malaysia. I look forward to the continuous flow of talented graduates to come out from 3dsense, and what's more, I look forward to working with them!"
Shuzo John Shiota
CEO / President
Polygon Pictures Inc . Tokyo



Thinking of applying? Read about the admissions process, or make an appointment with our Career Advisors to find out more.


intake start Dates

27 Mar 2020  |  31 Jul 2020  |  27 Nov 2020
26 Mar 2021  |  30 Jul 2021  |  26 Nov 2021

Each class is capped at a maximum of 25 students. 
Classes are usually full 3 to 6 months before the start date, so please apply early!

Entry Requirements

Above the age of 16
GCE 'O' Levels or equivalent with 3 Passes (C6 & above), including English

All applicants must submit a portfolio and pass an interview with our faculty lecturer, before final acceptance into the program.


Speak with Us

Our friendly Career Advisors can help you understand more about our curriculum, what companies are looking for, and above all how to better prepare yourself for the industry. Make an appointment with us so we can help you make an informed decision!

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How to Apply

When you are ready to apply, submit the Online Application to initiate the admission process. We will contact with you within 3 days to guide you through the rest of the process.

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